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Our Success Stories


The cat that started it all! Twizler wandered into our lives in May of 2004. She is a proud mother of one, but was spayed in September of 2004. Born in 2003, Twizler is one of our older cats. She is incredibly friendly and, while she enjoys the perks of her forever home, has been known to make daring escapes in an attempt to feast on grass and food from the feral cat colony. Her status as a “toothless wonder” has done nothing to deter her appetite, much to the chagrin of those responsible for monitoring her weight. 


Tiger is one of the few cats that never lived outside. She was Twizler’s only kitten, born on July 9th, 2004. She was spayed the same year. She found her human and forever home on the day she was born and hasn’t left his side since. While she is sweet as can be with him, she can be a little territorial. She takes her job as his guard kitty very seriously.


One of the sweetest cats alive, Hobbes, a flame point Siamese, entered our lives on Christmas of 2004. He is extremely needy and requires a lot of attention, both from his owner and from his veterinarian. Unfortunately, in his 8 years Hobbes has suffered from several medical conditions. Most notably, he has Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), a condition brought on by the inability to handle stress, which requires him to receive daily doses of Clomipramine, an antidepressant. 


This shy cat, named for “Hang on Sloopy,” was once thought to be feral. However, after some coaxing, Sloopy was lured inside and hasn’t been out since. Caught just in time, Sloopy was spayed while in heat in May of 2007. She quickly found her forever home and has been entertaining her family ever since. She is one of the smartest cats that we have encountered. Always one step ahead of her humans, Sloopy seems to grasp the English language better than most adults. 


Sanzenbacher, known as Sanz, is a member of the first feral litter that Community Cat Companions worked to domesticate and adopt out. Before being named after Dane Sanzenbacher, an Ohio State University football player, Sanz was known as “big boy.” All legs, he was the biggest kitten in the litter. Born in June of 2008 and neutered in October, he can still be a little skittish. However, this cat doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, and all it takes is a little patience to coax him out of his shell.   

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